11th September 2018 – 6pm

Midland Hotel, Bradford.
West Yorkshire,  BD1 4HU.

Entries invited for our next Auction which is to be held on 11th September 2018 at 6pm. Our full Auction catalogue will be available from 28th August 2018.

Below are results from our 10th July Auction, where we achieved 90% success rate.


Lot No. Address Guide Price Status
1842 Little Horton Lane BD5 9DG£15,000Sold at Auction £21,500
2157 Haycliffe Lane, Bradford BD5 9EX£25,000-£30,000Sold at Auction £30,000
35A Castle Hill, Richmond DL10 4QPAvailable
43 Hart Street, Bradford BD7 3HH£30,000-£35,000Sold at Auction £37,000
511 Todd Terrace, Bradford BD7 3DQ£30,000Sold at Auction £37,000
69 Todd Terrace, Bradford BD7 3DQ£25,000-£30,000Sold at Auction £33,000
7Land at Back Beacon Street, Birkby Huddersfield£5000-£10,000Sold at Auction £10,000
8117 – 119 Keighley Road, Halifax HX2 8JEAvailable
9778 Little Horton Lane, Bradford BD5 9BL£30,000-£35,000Sold at Auction £37,500
106 Avenham Way, Bradford BD3 0RQ£25000Sold at Auction £41,500
11673-675 Huddersfield Road WF13 3LD£110,000Sold Prior
12Apartment 909, Colonnade, Sunbridge Road, Bradford BD1 2LQ£6,500Sold at Auction £20,000
13102 Cross Lane, Bradford BD7 3LA£30,000-35,000Sold at Auction £37,000
14439 Great Horton Road, Bradford BD7 3DJ£35,000-£40,000Sold at Auction £40,000
1514 Kingswood Place, Bradford BD7 3DY£25,000-£30,000Sold at Auction £28,000
1651 Buller Street, Bradford BD4 8QF£30,000Sold at Auction £43,000
1717 Crawford Street, Bradford BD4 7JJ£40,000Sold at Auction £43,500
1832 Rebecca Street, Bradford BD1 2RX£50,000Sold at Auction £69,000
19175 Bradford Road, Shipley BD18 3TP£105,000Sold at Auction £121,000

Guide Price: An indication of the seller’s current minimum acceptable price at auction. The guide price or range of guide prices is given to assist consumers in deciding whether or not to pursue a purchase. It is usual, but not always the case, that a provisional reserve range is agreed between the seller and the auctioneer at the start of marketing. As the reserve is not fixed at this stage and can be adjusted by the seller at any time up to the day of the auction in the light of interest shown during the marketing period, a guide price is issued. This guide price can be shown in the form of a minimum and maximum price range within which an acceptable sale price (reserve) would fall, or as a single price figure within 10% of which the minimum acceptable price (reserve) would fall. A guide price is different to a reserve price (see separate definition). Both the guide price and the reserve price can be subject to change up to and including the day of the auction.
Reserve Price: the seller’s minimum acceptable price at auction and the figure below which the auctioneer cannot sell. The reserve price is not disclosed and remains confidential between the seller and the auctioneer. Both the guide price and the reserve price can be subject to change up to and including the day of the auction.